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Why does your company need Soluma WebScan?

Simple document management

The website enables you to import documents from your scanner or directly from your computer. Soluma WebScan enables simple page rearrangement and creating one-page and multi-page documents. With just a few clicks adjust page orientation and anonymize sensitive data, ensuring that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Application enables batch scanning and the use of barcodes for document indexing and separation.

Compatibility of WebScan with your accounting software

Soluma WebScan enables document exportation into your primary accounting software, such as minimax, e-računi, bizBox, Vasco and many more. Soluma Webscan is directly connected to through which all the important data (supplier, invoice date, amount etc.) is recognized using the most advanced OCR technology and converted into eSLOG 2.0 (EN 16931 electronic invoicing standard compliant) or other e-invoicing standards. With this additional service the employee efficiency is improved even further as it minimizes time spent on retyping invoices.

Invoices and your employees’ user profiles in one place

Avoid managing physical documents of all your employees, create different user profiles for each employee or department in your company. Share a unique link or QR code and the employees will take a screenshot of their invoice which you can access as soon as they are uploaded to Soluma WebScan. You can also require a new screenshot if the image quality is low.


Soluma WebScan is available anywhere

Avoid losing invoices by taking a photo of an invoice with the Soluma WebScan mobile app to digitalize physical documents. Take a photo with your smartphone, upload it and make it instantly available to those in charge of managing your company invoices and other documents.

Soluma WebScan solution is easy to use and enables integration into existing information environments. Installing the solution in the existing information environment can be fast and easy.

An example of integration into portal

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We recently worked with Soluma who provided excellent results in line item extraction scenarios. Their expertise and experience helped in data capture cost benefit assessment studies and enabled us to define KPIs for project implementation processes. Soluma's professionalism was exceptional and ensured maximum satisfaction and success for our customer. We are more than happy to work with SOLUMA and would highly recommended them.
Laura Stansfield, Customer Success Director UiPath
We have found a reliable partner for data capture projects in SOLUMA. Their competences and experiences provide answers for all business requirements. SOLUMA with ABBYY Flexi Capture is an efficient combination for various data capture projects, especially Account Payable Process automation. It is a rock solid product!
Milan Babic, Product Manager RCL Int. d.o.o.
We were looking for a solution to automatically extract headers and line items from complex German invoices. SOLUMA delivered amazing results using Soluma Template Designer and I can happily recommend it. SOLUMA is essential to our growth efforts.
Martin Bacik, Managing Director Ancore Services
SOLUMA Template Designer is an efficient tool for Template Development and Template Distribution. I would recommend definitely this tool for all system integrators or professional services providers which would like to cut development costs and differentiate from others on the market.
Michal Grepl, ITS Portfolio Manager Konica Minolta CEE
We are extremely satisfied with SOLUMA. This cooperation enabled us to provide value added business solutions to our premium clients in the public and the financial sector. SOLUMA tailor made solutions integrated with Konica Minolta scanning devices can meet almost any client’s budget and business requirements.
Mirza Merzic, General Manager Konica Minolta Business Solutions Bosnia and Herzegovina
We have selected as a invoice reading and document conversion platform for SOLARIA BPM SaaS solution. The integration process was smooth and the solution is very easy to use. System reliability and excellent recognition results represents added value for our clients and promote our solution on the competitive BPM market. Thanks SOLUMA!
Gorazd Bizjak, CEO Bizis
They know all secrets of Flexi Capture Technology. Name the requirements and they will develop a solution. SOLUMA is a reliable partner with years of experiences in datacapture projects. We are so pleased to work with SOLUMA.
Ofek Ron, CEO Software Sources

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