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SOLUMA smart add-ons can increase the recognition accurancy and boost project deployment process

There are several approaches and technologies. We can divide them into three main groups:
Generic Field Detection

It can detect regions using different algorithms and AI. System is searching for keywords which might represent data we are looking for. For example “Invoice date” might represent a region where invoice date is represented on the invoice.
Documents which are not recognized properly should be checked by an operator. Operator would correct location of detected field or recognized data. Corrections would be used in machine learning process to be for further recognition processes. Further recognition results should reflect previous operator interventions.

Machine Learning process

Machine Learning techniques and AI technologies are improving the OCR capabilities on daily bases.

Template Based Extraction

Soluma Template Designer is a web-based application for template development and template distribution across several environments. The HTML5 web application with multi-user development functionalities allows users to develop and distribute templates in parallel. Soluma Template Designer is used in combination with ABBYY's FlexiCapture technology and provides support for efficient data extraction scenarios like table data extraction. The tool can be used for data extraction, document classification and document separation processes.

Increased recognition accuracy (up to 30%)
Works with ABBYY Flexicapture Machine Learning technology
Transparent and centralized template distribution process
Short template development and deployment process (5 minutes)
Up to 10.000 templates
System allow you to create high numbers of templates without big impact on system performance.
Multi-user environment with user right assignment
Developers can develop templates in parallel shorten time needed for template development process. Developers can have different roles within the system.
Automatic Template Deployment Process
Templates can be deployed out of Soluma Template Designer. Templates will be distributed to ABBYY FlexiCapture instance automatically. Template will be used immediately after deployment without any user intervention.
No programming skills required
Developers do not need to have programming skills to setup and deploy template
Line item extraction
User can extract line items from any invoice marking fields for one row only. System will detect all items during the invoice recognition process.
• Extract line items of almost any complexity (multi line line items)
• Multi page invoices are supported
Create Template using Wizard
Administrator can create wizards for standardized template design process. Wizards can be created for different template design process.
Increased Security
Creation of multiple accounts by using administrators console inside Soluma Template Designer and assign users to each account. Such users will have limited access to assigned accounts only.
Web based Application
Web based environment provides support for parallel template design process on different locations without installing any software. Users can have different roles according to their experience in template definition process.
Do you have questions?

We are receiving invoices via e-mail being scanned using different scanning settings. Can Template Designer be used in such cases?

YES, intelligent keyword search approach will try to detect keywords and fields even if they do not exist on the same location you have defined during template creation process.

Can you develop templates for us using template designer?

YES, templates can be created as a service. They can be deployed on your environment automatically. Contact us for further details.

Can I use Soluma Template Designer in combination with existing FLS templates which are already created?

YES, you can combine FLS templates and STD templates

Can be used Soluma Template Designer with FlexiCapture Engine?

Yes, STD templates can be used in FlexiCapture Engine environments and also Standalone environments.

We have found a reliable partner for data capture projects in SOLUMA. Their competences and experiences provide answers for all business requirements. SOLUMA with ABBYY Flexi Capture is an efficient combination for various data capture projects, especially Account Payable Process automation. It is a rock solid product!
Milan Babic, Product Manager RCL Int. d.o.o.
We were looking for a solution to automatically extract headers and line items from complex German invoices. SOLUMA delivered amazing results using Soluma Template Designer and I can happily recommend it. SOLUMA is essential to our growth efforts.
Martin Bacik, Managing Director Ancore Services
SOLUMA Template Designer is an efficient tool for Template Development and Template Distribution. I would recommend definitely this tool for all system integrators or professional services providers which would like to cut development costs and differentiate from others on the market.
Michal Grepl, ITS Portfolio Manager Konica Minolta CEE
We are extremely satisfied with SOLUMA. This cooperation enabled us to provide value added business solutions to our premium clients in the public and the financial sector. SOLUMA tailor made solutions integrated with Konica Minolta scanning devices can meet almost any client’s budget and business requirements.
Mirza Merzić, General Manager Konica Minolta Business Solutions Bosnia and Herzegovina
We have selected as a invoice reading and document conversion platform for SOLARIA BPM SaaS solution. The integration process was smooth and the solution is very easy to use. System reliability and excellent recognition results represents added value for our clients and promote our solution on the competitive BPM market. Thanks SOLUMA!
Gorazd Bizjak, CEO Bizis
They know all secrets of Flexi Capture Technology. Name the requirements and they will develop a solution. SOLUMA is a reliable partner with years of experiences in datacapture projects. We are so pleased to work with SOLUMA.
Ofek Ron, CEO Software Sources
We recently worked with Soluma who provided excellent results in line item extraction scenarios. Their expertise and experience helped in data capture cost benefit assessment studies and enabled us to define KPIs for project implementation processes. Soluma's professionalism was exceptional and ensured maximum satisfaction and success for our customer. We are more than happy to work with SOLUMA and would highly recommended them.
Laura Stansfield, Customer Success Director UiPath

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